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About Laura Scarpa MD

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My approach to diagnosis and treatment combines the experience of allopathic medicine with the more ancient and traditional medicine, knowledge of phytotherapy, mycotherapy, Chinese medicine, advanced ultrasound diagnostics, the wise listening to the patient, personalized nutritional plans (ketogenic, intermittent fasting). I offer support to patients with chronic diseases, in a personalized and functional approach.

Degree in Medicine and Surgery, University of Milan.

Master in Vegetarian Nutrition and Dietetics at the Polytechnic University of Marche.

Plant-Based Sport Nutrition for the best performance.

Nutritional Timing for Endurance Athletes

Regional Emergency Emergency Master in Liguria 118. ALS -


Advanced Life Support IRC - ASL 3 Genovese

PTC - Prehospital Trauma Care - Basic Module IRC - ASL 3 Genovese

BLSD - Basic Life Support Defibrillation IRC - ASL 3 Genovese

PTC - Prehospital Trauma Care - IRC Advanced Module - ASL 3 Genovese

International Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch Diploma

Clinical Ultrasound Course in Emergency - ASL 1 Imperiese

Acupuncture and Acupressure Course Natural Health Institute, Canada.

Auriculotherapy course, Natural Health Institute, Canada.

Bach Flower Course, Natural Health Institute, Canada.


Iridology course, Natural Health Institute, Canada. 

Expert in Nutritional Medicine and Metabolomics.


Expert in Mycotherapy. Advanced Course in Vitamin D - Health and Disease.


Advanced Course in Human Microbiota.


Basic Phytotherapy Course.


University degree as an expert in ultrasound of the digestive and genitourinary systems.


Postgraduate in Integrated Treatment of Digestive System Diseases.


Intermittent Fasting Course.


Ketogenic Diet Course.


Course in Thyroid Diseases

University Expert in Ultrasound of the Digestive and Genitourinary System

Expert in Metabolic Oncology

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